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Tom McAndrew – CEO, Coalfire. past US Navy officer

Tom advises security vendors how they need to first educate their customer before selling them anything. Talking about how others in their industry have solved similar or even more challenging problems, He sheds light on the three areas that dominate most enterprises’ cloud security journey today – how secure is what I am buying, how am I adhering to privacy and secrecy mandates, what level of service assurance am I guaranteed?
Tom McAndrew Interview Transcript

Tammy Moskites – Managing Director at Accenture, past CISO at Home Depot, Time Warner Cable

Tammy gives some sage advice to security vendors on how to build enduring partnerships with their customers, building and leveraging networks and using marketing to build a strong brand. She sheds light on the lonely life of a CISO and the bridge they need to cross to tie their technical smarts with business acumen to connect with their peers and the board. Tammy Moskites Interview Transcript

Paul Vixie – CEO, Farsight Security, Internet Hall of Famer, past Founder & President of Internet Security Consortium

Paul talks about when and why a CISO needs to stand up and say NO which takes courage, determination and a backbone. He advises security vendors to come clean with their agenda (selling product or service to retire their sales quota) upfront at any meeting, so they can have a honest conversation about solving a real problem. Paul Vixie Interview Transcript

Chad Holmes – EVP, Chief Services and Operations Officer, Optiv; past Chief Technology and Intelligence Officer at FireEye, Chief Technology, Strategy and Innovation Officer at EY

Chad provides a refreshing perspective on the VC driven cybersecurity companies and advises them to find a business outcome for their customers first, not start with a cool technical idea and get VC funding to turn it to a widget and strive solely for a financial multiples outcome for their investors. He casts a light on the new insider threat – the machines – bots, robots, AI engines – that pose far greater danger than the largely human insider threat today. Chad Holmes Interview Transcript

Lester Godsey – CISO for the City of Mesa, Arizona

Lester presents his measured thoughts on the critical skill set for the future CISO and the challenges they face as the role evolves. He offers a frank opinion on the need for vendors to cooperate and present solutions to the market that will play nicely with others. Lester Godsey Interview Transcript

Laura Noren, Director of Research, Obsidian Security

Coming from years in academia, Laura brings a unique perspective to the security space. She talks about the insular nature of the cybersecurity community; the need for a conversation about ethics and the part VCs have to play there. She exhorts the industry to create their way out of the problem, not just delete and retreat, while pointing to the unique clout of tech employees and their part to play in helping society figure out the appropriate use of technology. Laura Noren Interview Transcript