#26 Rahul Kashyap – President and CEO, and Rudolph Araujo, VP of Marketing

#26 Rahul Kashyap – President and CEO, and Rudolph Araujo, VP of Marketing

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Protecting the New Network
Rahul and Rudolph describe Awake’s approach to network security and explain the only way to earn credibility in the market is to be honest with your customers. They admit CISOs would love to see one vendor provide that single pane of glass but the fragmented nature of the industry prevents it. In an effort to balance the lack of diversity in cybersecurity, Rahul encourages every executive to mentor.

  • 01:52 Network security has not really evolved.
  • 03:57 The new network: cloud, data center, IoT.
  • 05:33 Have to build a partnership with your customer. It’s not just about a product sale anymore.
  • 07:16 As we learn about it, we automate it.
  • 10:03 We have to make security more and more mainstream. Security cannot be something that only the elite can do.
  • 10:43 Attackers are equal opportunity offenders.
  • 11:39 There are so many good problems out there, but execution is key.
  • 12:48 The reality is cybersecurity is a very fragmented industry.
  • 15:12 Distinguishing yourself as a vendor is not about marketing or your AI, it’s about solving operational challenges and showing value.
  • 17:59 If you want to earn credibility in the market, be honest with your customers because that’s what they really care about.
  • 19:56 Education should be for everybody.
  • 20:48 We are not educating children about cybersecurity early enough.
    22:10 Give back and mentor. Change the landscape of cybersecurity one young person at a time.

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