#25 Sanjay Beri – CEO and Founder of Netskope

#25 Sanjay Beri – CEO and Founder of Netskope

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What it Takes to be a Unicorn
Sanjay talks company culture and the importance of being aligned with your board and your team. He advises budding entrepreneurs to measure their success by their own life metrics and believes mentoring and good role models are the best way to encourage diversity in cybersecurity.

  • 02:09 Company culture is incredibly important to your success.
  • 05:02 IT no longer determines what applications a company can use. The ability to influence is shifting to end users and business units, and that is powerful.
  • 06:08 BYOD equals choice and flexibility but also risk to the enterprise.
  • 08:19 Visibility is great, but you have to want to know how to deal with it, which is where policies come in.
  • 09:01 To be successful you need to build relationships from the CxO level down and make sure those executives understand your broad vision.
  • 10:29 Don’t fall into the trap of trying to copy anyone; define success by your own life metrics.
  • 11:28 When you pick your team, your co-founder, your board, make sure you are aligned.
  • 13:27 If you are building a company, make sure it is the right time and that your friends and family are in. You will need that support system.
  • 14:38 Big company versus small company – there are lessons to be learned at both.
  • 15:31 Experience from a diversity of functions and enterprises is crucial when leading a company.
  • 17:41 When hiring should you have a filter on or should you hire blind?
  • 18:54 To encourage diversity it is important to provide people with opportunity and good role models.
  • 19:57 Netskope partners with the Athena Alliance to make a difference to women in cyber.
  • 21:24 Conferences like RSA are a great place to get six months’ worth of travel and meetings in a few days

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