#31 Scott Augenbaum – Consultant, Speaker, and Author

#31 Scott Augenbaum – Consultant, Speaker, and Author

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Scott shares his lessons from 30 years at the FBI. He states that 90 percent of cybercrime could be prevented with simple user education and cautions us all to know what our children are doing on the internet.

  • 02:20 Nobody ever expects to be a victim of cybercrime. From large companies to individuals, too many are misinformed and underestimate the threat.
  • 03:53 The bad guys do not care who you are, they just want the information you hold.
  • 04:11 The bad news: The bad guys will steal your stuff, law enforcement won’t be able to retrieve it, and they won’t be able to catch the bad guys.
  • 06:10 The good news: 90 percent of incidents could be prevented by simple user education, well-defined business processes, and two-factor authentication.
  • 09:36 The more money we spend on cybersecurity and prevention, the more cybercrime there is. We’re just not doing this right.
  • 13:24 Organizations do not understand the lack of sophistication that is required to pull off a major financial cybercrime.
  • 15:16 Being compliant is not the same thing as being secure.
  • 18:39 We need to train people on the risks and simple cyber protections at home because then they will bring those habits to work.
  • 19:36 When an employee becomes a victim of cybercrime, the enterprise suffers too.
  • 21:26 FBI versus FBE — somebody has to teach the basics.
  • 24:19 Cybercrime extends beyond the corporate world to somewhere even more precious: if something happens to your children online, you can never get their innocence back.

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