Security Transformation

Security Transformation means keeping pace with available technology tools in the fight against cyber-attacks. You have made an investment in Palo Alto Networks technologies and acquired some of the best protective technology available. Let’s work together to harness this technology and implement it in a thorough and thoughtful way.

Much of this technology includes tools and techniques that require your Security and Operations teams to evolve their practices. Let us help you do this efficiently by working with you to share implementation best practices and connect your staff with the expertise they need to be successful.

Security Transformations is an invitation-only program managed by UberKnowledge in conjunction with Palo Alto Networks that focuses on existing Palo Alto Networks customers to help them maximize the return on their protection investment. If this service is of interest to you and you are not yet a member, contact your Palo Alto Networks sales team for review and nomination.

Start your Security Transformation today!

Single-Day Exposure Classes

These classes are designed to give a broad overview of different Palo Alto Networks security solutions.

Single-Day Deep Dive Classes with Labs

Deep Dive Classes deliver focused material with an opportunity to get hands-on with products.

Palo Alto Certification Training Classes

Certification classes go in-depth and enable you to configure and deploy solutions with best practices in mind.


Let us help you with migration and monitoring tasks so that you’re able to take full advantage of all your security platform’s features.