#46 Sergio Caltigirone – VP Threat Intel., Dragos

#46 Sergio Caltigirone – VP Threat Intel., Dragos

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A Digital Geneva Convention
Sergio talks about the cyberspace power vacuum, the challenge of ICS cybersecurity, and mental health issues in an incredibly pressured industry.

  • 02:42 ICS cybersecurity is one of the most important and preeminent challenges we face because of the direct relationship to lives.
  • 07:10 There are significant mental health issues in the cybersecurity community. We need to be more open in discussing this and helping each other.
  • 13:27 We face a policy and power vacuum in cyberspace. We need a digital Geneva Convention.
  • 20:43 Cyber professionals have to hold each other to account — we should be nice to each other personally but fight each other professionally to find the right answer.

Sergio Caltagirone Interview Transcript