#66 Taylor Lehmann – CISO, Athenahealth

#66 Taylor Lehmann – CISO, Athenahealth

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A CISO’s Journey in Healthcare

Taylor talks about his journey through healthcare security, the unique loss of life challenges found there, and his personal motivation.

03:34       Vulnerability is necessary to build trust, and trust is crucial in cybersecurity.

07:12       Data breaches are not inevitable. We can do this right.

10:49       Understand your company’s mission, why employees come to work, and why customers buy your product.

12:01       A security career in healthcare – finding meaning and purpose in every job, every opportunity.

13:59       Applying a DevOps principle to cyber in healthcare: learn how the system works before trying to solve problems.

18:03       Vendors need to learn the industry — and the CISO — they are trying to sell to and show how and where they can help.

Taylor Lehmann Interview Transcript