#89 Taylor Lehmann — Transparency, Trust and Ditching FUD

#89 Taylor Lehmann — Transparency, Trust and Ditching FUD

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In his first podcast of 2020, Taylor Lehmann talks about vendor transparency, marketing messaging, and doing the basics. Given recent tensions with Iran, people have been asking how to combat retaliatory cyber attacks from a nation state. Taylor’s answer is the same things you should have been doing all along, the basics: multi-factor authentication, patching, data backup, and network segmentation and isolation. He points out these four security protocols can help stop attacks from script kiddies all the way up to nation states.

He moves on to talk about leveraging his CISO network when it comes to solving problems and getting product advice. Interestingly, Taylor recommends talking to your existing vendors too, as they are likely to have extensive research on their competitors.

Advice for those vendors? Transparency earns trust, and that needs to begin with the marketing message. Taylor argues that the FUD tactic is tired and worn out. Instead he would love to see a triple-pronged approach. Marketing should start with clear claims and real data to support the effectiveness of the product. Sales teams should repeat that message by giving an accurate picture of the product and educating their consumers on it. Finally, vendor engineers should be available to troubleshoot alongside the customer. That, Taylor contends, would be a true test of a vendor’s transparency and willingness to work with their customers.

  • 02:06 — Four basic security protocols can help foil most cyber attacks from script kiddies to nation states.
  • 07:46 — Embracing FUD. One CISO’s gambit to use it as a motivator for discovering and evaluating new products.
  • 09:19 — Where should CISOs turn for product advice?
  • 12:51 — Software development is just an amalgamation of bad code.
  • 13:42 — Transparency breeds trust and that begins with a vendor’s marketing message.
  • 14:33 — Sales teams should be looking to educate consumers, not chasing the dollar.
  • 14:59 — The true test of an organization’s willingness to work with you is if they pull their engineering teams out to help you.

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