UberKnowledge helps you efficiently and cost-effectively aquire the expertise and skills you need to move your career forward and maximize the benefits of next-generation technologies. Instead of one-size fits all courseware, UberKnowledge offers micro-learning modules that are curated, with your individualized learning path, to give you what you need to be successful in the real-world, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

These 8-12 minute microsegments deliver:

  • High quality content in bite-sized chunks to make it easy to keep moving forward.
  • Real-world applicability, with content that's been created by cybersecurity and IT professionals with decades of experience in concert with the next-generation vendors themselves.
  • Convenient access, empowering you to learn from anywhere, at any time.
  • An engaging, gamified session that includes incentives designed to help you stay motivated and ensure learning is fun.
As you go through the micro-learning segments, UberKnowledge performs ongoing assessments to confirm which skills you have mastered, what you need to review and what your next steps should be, so you are always moving towards your goals. A sampling of the micro-learning segments available to UberKnowledge students is below: