#83 Varun Badhwar — SVP of Prisma Cloud, Palto Alto Networks

#83 Varun Badhwar — SVP of Prisma Cloud, Palto Alto Networks

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People, Culture and Customer Empathy – an Entrepreneur’s Journey

In this episode of the podcast Varun Badhwar, SVP of Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto Networks, discusses growing a cloud security company and RedLock’s journey from startup to acquisition. At inception, a crowded market necessitated an innovative approach to sales and marketing which RedLock achieved by using high-quality cloud research to attract and educate customers.

Equally important to Varun was the development of corporate culture; he points out that “your first five employees define the culture of the next 50.” He found that collecting a group of professionals with diversity of experience was key to ensuring a nimble, keen-learning team. That culture and innovative mentality have moved with Varun and his team to Palo Alto Networks.

In looking at the market, Varun sees many vendors working to solve the most complex problems, while customers are still trying to achieve basic hygiene and visibility. He believes that keeping customers informed from day zero of the development process is critical in ensuring “you’re solving the right problems, not necessarily the hardest problems.”

  • 02:23 — Market/product fit is an evolving journey. No-one can rest on their laurels.
  • 04:50 — Company culture is defined by your first five employees.
  • 08:46 — A crowded market means finding a new and engaging approach. 
  • 11:52 — Redlock’s approach of offering high-quality research equaled a fast time to value.
  • 13:32 — The cloud security speedboat. 
  • 16:03 — Multi-cloud has become more prevalent than predicted.
  • 16:39 — For enterprises, basic hygiene and security are the main concern. Ensure your product is working to solve the right problems not the most complex problems.

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