#63 Vasu Jakkal – CMO, FireEye

#63 Vasu Jakkal – CMO, FireEye

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Marketing Cybersecurity — Stories, Metrics, and Technology
Vasu talks about her journey from engineer to CMO, winning hearts and minds through storytelling, and not needing to put any man down to raise a woman up.

04:44       An unusual path from Engineer to CMO

07:12       Marketing is storytelling, inspiring, and explaining.

12:47       In a breach it is the attacker who must be held accountable not the CISO and the organization.

17:29       Data is great, but marketing is about winning hearts and minds.

19:56       Three marketing measures: influence, engagement, and opportunity.

23:37       Cybersecurity needs cognitive diversity because the hackers and the customers are diverse.

Interview Transcript with Vasu Jakkal