#120 Vince Crisler — Founder and CEO, Dark Cubed

#120 Vince Crisler — Founder and CEO, Dark Cubed

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Focus on Your People

When our host, Ashwin Krishnan, came across a LinkedIn post supporting Zoom amidst their recent troubles, he immediately contacted the author Vince Crisler, Founder and CEO of Dark Cubed. Vince joins the podcast here to talk about why he felt compelled to support Zoom during their darkest hour and what he learnt about their corporate culture from the response to his article.

Vince also talks about how he is leading Dark Cubed through these strange and unprecedented times. He describes a people-first culture, reaching out to those who need help most, and the aims of D3 for Good.

  • 04:41 — Zoom made mistakes, but they provide a valuable lifeline during a time of social distancing.
  • 07:30 — Dark Cubed are determined to do good.  D3 for good aim to give away 2,020 free licenses to non-profits in 2020.
  • 10:06 — The future has arrived early. This pandemic has thrust us three to five years into the future.
  • 12:42 — It’s all about the people. Right now, leaders must put their people first.
  • 13:33 — This is an unprecedented time. We must take care of those around us.
  • 15:19 — It’s time to be creative. Innovate your business plan and your product offerings.

You can find Vince’s article about Zoom on Medium and the related post on LinkedIn.