#97 Will Lin — Partner & Co-Founder, ForgePoint Capital

#97 Will Lin — Partner & Co-Founder, ForgePoint Capital

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Help Others, Build Value, Have Fun

Will Lin, Partner and Co-Founder of ForgePoint Capital joins the podcast to talk about cybersecurity from the VC perspective. He explains why the entrepreneur-VC relationship is about more than just capital and describes an ecosystem based on mentoring, networking and aligned values. He points out, “When you, as a CEO and entrepreneur, are selecting a firm to work with, you’re doing that because you want to be surrounded by an ecosystem that aligns well with your own current system.”

He describes the beginnings and purpose of the Tinker Tribe. Tired of conferences and being surrounded by vendor noise, the Tinker Tribe was created to find unique ways to tackle cybersecurity, be a support network, and have some fun. While vendors remain more competitive in nature, Will has seen a similar collaborative move towards building an entrepreneurial community. He says, “I think seeing entrepreneurs band together and help each other is just more continual proof that we’re all doing this for the right reasons.”

Looking forward, Will believes 2020 will bring clarity for the CISO role and a focus on back to basics. He explains, “There’s been multiple years of innovation, experimenting, new ideas, new ways of solving problems … now we have a much clearer idea of what problems need to be solved.”

  • 01:38 — Being a VC is about more than just money, it’s about mentoring entrepreneurs.
  • 05:23 — The history and purpose of #TinkerTribe.
  • 10:57 — CISOs have particular personality traits — they want to protect, they want to help, and that drives their community mentality.
  • 12:55 — Vendors are starting to collaborate – but it’s more of an entrepreneurial community.
  • 15:16 — Cognitive diversity is the most valuable kind of diversity.
  • 19:19 — Trends for 2020: Back to basics and the continued evolution of the CISO role. 

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