#51 Yuriy Bulygin – CEO and co-founder, Eclypsium

#51 Yuriy Bulygin – CEO and co-founder, Eclypsium

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Security in Hardware
Yuriy talks security in firmware and hardware, building a product people need, and the secret to entrepreneurial success.

  • 02:04 How disaster can shape a career, a person.
  • 06:24 Some hardware and firmware manufacturers are starting to pay much more attention to vulnerabilities and securing their products, but too many just don’t care.
  • 11:12 Get repeatable processes in place to scale your product, your sales, but also your team and your culture, and make it successful.
  • 11:58 Build a product people actually need. Serve a need, don’t just put more tech out there.
  • 15:50 Security capabilities need to be properly configured – otherwise they can’t protect us. This is part of the basic hygiene we should be practicing as an industry.

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